Jul 17, 2019

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Farmacy Bliss CBDABBER Wax

Farmacy Bliss CBDABBER Wax

What are generics?

Nowadays wax products are more of a niche class, but wax can give very strong and instant relief due to its exceptionally high concentration of CBD and delivery method. Wax is consumed through a process called dabbing. Dabbing is technically classified as “the flash vaporization” of CBD concentrates when it is spread on a hot surface and then inhaled. You ‘dab’ using concentrates which are a lot more effective than the CBD you get from oils and food.

Farmacy Bliss waxes are highly concentrated kind of CO2-extracted, full spectrum CBD oil mixed with full spectrum non-cannabis derived terpenes. All of our wax formulas are free of solvents, thinners, and fillers.

It’s pure, strong CBD for effective, natural relief. Farmacy Bliss wax products are lab- certified and 100% free of heavy metals, additives, and pesticides as well as GMO- free, gluten-free, and dairy-free.


  • Contains 750mg (or 75%) of CBD

  • No thinners, no solvents, no fillers

  • Pure, full spectrum CBD formulated with terpenes

  • CO2 extracted from organically grown hemp

  • Free of pesticides, heavy metals and residual solvents

  • Net wt. 1000mg




Farmacy Bliss CBDABBERTM Wax Blueberry

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Farmacy Bliss CBDABBERTM Wax Cantaloupe

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Provides immediate and full relief from anxiety, pain, sleep disorders, headaches.


Wax is consumed through a process called dabbing. It is the process of heating a little of wax by putting it on the heated coil of your dabbing pen. The CBD is then breathed in through a mouthpiece on the pen. The heat transforms the wax into a form that can be vaped, allowing it to be inhaled through the mouth.


The side effects of the product are mild and may occasionally include insignificant hypotension (low blood pressure) and dry mouth. CBD products do not cause any toxicity.


Due to the lack of research on the Farmacy Bliss CBDABBERTM WAX safety for pregnant or breastfeeding women, it may be reasonable to stay on the safe side and avoid use.


The product does not interfere with your daily supplements. You can use Farmacy Bliss CBDABBERTM WAX along with your daily vitamin regime.


There is no fixed dosage, so you can apply Farmacy Bliss CBDABBERTM WAX when needed.


The Farmacy Bliss CBDABBERTM WAX must be stored at room temperature away from moisture, heat and direct sunlight.


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